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Deserts  (24-hour advance notice, please)
Peach Cobbler
Bulk Meats and Sides
One pound of meat will feed 3 adults or make about 4 sandwiches.
Smoked Meats
Pulled Pork
Beef Brisket
Burnt Ends
Smoked Sausage
Pulled Chicken
Smoked Turkey Breast
Double-Smoked Ham
One slab of ribs (12~14 bones) will feed 2 adults.
Baked Potatoes
$2.50 each
Garden Salad
$28.00/half-pan                $56.00/full-pan
A pint will feed 2~3 people, quart will feed 5~6 people and a gallon will feed 20~24 people.
A 1/2-pan of salad will feed 10~15 and a full pan will feed 25~40.
Plate and Eating Utensils
Serving Spoons and Tongs
Barbeque Sauce
Sweet, Spicy, Stupid Hot or
Mustard Barbeque Sauce
Baby Back Ribs
$16.00/half-slab                $26.00/slab
Prices subject to change without notice.  08/2023
Let us know if you would like to pick-up your order HOT or COLD.  If you're going to be serving at a later time, we can have your order ready to go COLD with reheating instructions.
Homemade Sides
Pit Beans, Fresh Cole Slaw, Creamy Cole Slaw, Potato Salad or Green Beans
$28.00/half-pan                $56.00/full-pan
Advance notice required. A 1/2-pan of spoonbread will feed 10~12 and a full pan will feed 18~24.
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